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We are South Africa’s largest specialist producer of quality laminated timber materials. Glued laminated timber, also called Gluelam or Glulam, is a type of structural timber product composed of several layers of dimensioned lumber glued together. By laminating several smaller pieces of wood, a single large, strong, structural member can be manufactured from smaller lumber.

These structural members are used as vertical columns or horizontal beams. Connections are usually made with bolts and steel plates.

Laminated TimberEconomical and Ecologically Friendly

Glued laminated timber, like other engineered wood products, represent an efficient use of available timber. With an increased demand for lumber worldwide, the amount of solid timber available has steadily declined. Gluelam structural members thus make use of smaller and less desirable dimensions of timber, yet are engineered to be stronger than similarly sized members made of solid wood.

Gluelam structural members are also an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete and steel members as they have a lower embodied energy in comparison.

All of our products are sourced from sustainably managed forests.